Emotion & Desire

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Ana Vieira, a 26-year-old model, knew she would not have many more years in her career. Because of her seriousness, Ana was neither dazzled nor deluded by the fashion world. She was the daughter of a single mother who died when she was only three years old. Ana was raised by her grandmother, who now lives in a home for the elderly. Ana was doing work for Duarte, one of the most important jewelers in Brazil, along with other models from the same agency. Léo Duarte, 32, owner of the jewelry store, a man accustomed to never being contradicted did not think about marriage. He had never been in love. When a woman liked him, he took her for his lover as long as his interest lasted. When the woman no longer interested her, he compensated and dismissed them. That simple! A misunderstanding during the photos made Léo pay attention to Ana. He now wanted that strong-willed woman for himself anyway. Ana did not have a relationship. At the age of 22 she had a boyfriend who after two years of dating left her to pursue an international career. Ana could not make an international career. He would never abandon his grandmother. Would Ana accept being Leo Duarte's lover? Would Leo be rejected for the first time? A romance full of hot scenes, a beautiful love story!

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